Will Amber Heard return to Aquaman 2 after criticism preliminary? We Else want know this............?

A request to completely eliminate Amber Heard from Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom formally arrived at its objective of 4.5 million marks this week.

Two days after a jury decided for Johnny Depp in the couple's exceptionally pluggked slander preliminary...

The request's objective has been knocking to 6 million marks. Changes in the size of Heard's part…..

In the impending DC continuation have been the subject of determined tales, yet they likewise turned….

Into a subject of challenged declaration in the Depp-Heard preliminary, which closed on 2 June…….............

Heard said on the stand that her Aquaman 2 job was essentially pared down after her ex's group called her maltreatment guarantees a "lie".

"I contended energetically to remain in the film. They would have rather excluded me in the film…..........

"She affirmed. As per one unsubstantiated Hollywood report, Heard shows up for under 10 minutes of the film's finished product.

DC film head Walter Hamada was additionally called to affirm in court about Heard's reduced screentime.

He went against her lawful group's case that the job was changed because of the claims against Depp.