Taylor Swift Reveals the Secret Easter Eggs and Themes Inside 'Very Well: The Short Film'

For many Swifties in New York City, today was a fantasy. That is on the grounds that Taylor Swift showed up.....

At Tribeca Festival, to screen her short film "Very Well" and talk with producer Mike Mills ("C'mon C'mon," "Twentieth Century Women")

About carrying the 10-minute track to the big screen. "This isn't a music video,"

She informed the crowd at the Beacon Theater on Manhattan's Upper West Side. "We moved toward everything in an unexpected way."

In a colossal discussion, the famously confidential pop star likewise uncovered hidden goodies in the short movie.

Examined her desires to guide a film and treated fans to an unexpected exhibition of "Very Well."

Seated close to the stage, Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds were among the numerous in the group who eagerly chimed in....

Applauded and took recordings of Swift all through the extensive track.

Sometime before Swift broke out her red guitar, Mills commented the hour and a half discussion felt like a show due to the vigorous group's relentless cheering.