BTS Says It's Taking a Break, yet Promises It's Not Permanent.......

Individuals from the K-pop juggernaut said in a video discussion that they believed time should investigate their individual creative characters.

After almost 10 years together, the seven individuals from BTS need some separation.

The Korean teen pop band delivered a video on Tuesday examining the individuals' craving to have some time off...

From their ongoing plan to investigate their singular music vocations;.

They move, they said, would likewise ease the heat off their lives as worldwide pop sensations.

"We've talked among ourselves a few times and we trust it's great to require some investment separated,"

J-Hope, one of the individuals, said in the video. "I trust that individuals don't ponder this step and that they see this is a sound.

Significant piece of our arrangement that will allow BTS to develop further."

"I ought to expound on the thing I'm feeling and the tales I need to tell," Suga said.

"yet I'm simply strongly pressing out words since I want to fulfill somebody."

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