Absentee DAD!!!

Jimmy Kimmel has made fun of charles walker as a Absentee dad…..

In monologue Thursday night, Jimmy Kimmel target NFL hero and present Republican Senate.

Told everyone what’s a big secret he’s been hiding all along…

He said, He was surprised to know, instead of one, Jimmy Kimmel is having four children..

More surprise is this, he has forgot to tell us about his children. He is even taking care of one of them....

He blamed absentee’s dad’s for such kind of problems and said jimmy should also know these issue because he is also one of them.

The host said jokingly Walker have many child and to track them , we need to call Maury Povich out of his retirement.

That’s why is a not normal incident and he forgot to count his four children, he added.

Furthermore, she told about a visit to DC jail , she compared  insurrectionists to George Floyd, and she was surprised how badly they was getting treated.

Kimmel joked and said, Alright you have something in common.

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