This is What Steph Curry Said After The Warriors Lost Game 4

Steph Curry met with the media after the Golden State Warriors lost Game 4 to the Denver Nuggets in Colorado on Sunday.

The Golden State Warriors lost to the Denver Nuggets by a score of 126-121 on Sunday evening in Colorado.

Steph Curry hit a jumper with under 90 seconds staying in the game to start to lead the pack, 

Yet the Nuggets improved making light of the stretch to seal the success and keep away from the end.

After the misfortune, Curry who had 33 focuses and eight bits of help, addressed the media.

"The way that we had a lead with a moment and a half addresses what our identity,

" Curry said after the misfortune. "In any case, it was somewhat of a marvel by then."

The Warriors actually lead the series 3-1 with Game 5 being played back in San Francisco on Wednesday evening.

The Nuggets additionally finished a seven-game long string of failures at the end of the season games 

That dated back to the last prepare when they were cleared by Chris Paul and the Phoenix Suns in the second round.

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