There's a scene in Episode 3 of Hulu's The Dropout where Amanda Seyfriend lines up outside of an Apple store to purchase the very first iPhone.

When a man exits the store, announcing he got the first one, Elizabeth screams like it's 1964 and she's seeing The Beatles in concert.

It's no secret she's obsessed with Apple and Steve Jobs, which is why she aims to hire Apple employees, like Ana Arriola.

who exactly is Ana Arriola in The Dropout? Let's take a bite out of this Apple.

Who is Ana Arriola in 'The Dropout'?

Ana (played by nonbinary actor Nicky Endres) worked at Theranos as the chief design architect from September to December 2007.

When Elizabeth Holmes hired Ana, she was the senior product line manager at Apple, and helped design the first iPhone.

Elizabeth poaching a designer from Apple before her product even worked was pretty typical of how things were done at Theranos.

Not only was she obsessed with Steve Jobs, but she clearly valued style over function.

On the show, Ana points out to Elizabeth that she's not dressing for the part of a CEO.

Looking tired in a rumpled buttoned-up shirt, sitting across from the stylish Ana, it's easy to see what she means.

When Ana decided to leave Apple for Theranos, she walked away from 15,000 shares of Apple stock

If Ana had held onto those stocks and sold them today, they could be worth around $2.5 million

Several times on The Dropout, we see Ana asking Elizabeth for basic information

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