Verstappen Wins Drivers Call For Changes to Track: Three Takeaways From Miami

The thunder of the group reverberated all through Miami Gardens, 

Almost muffling the Formula One vehicles hurdling around the 5.41 km (roughly 3.36-mile) track called the Miami International Autodrome

Max Verstappen appeared to be ready to invert his karma from training, rapidly tracking down his score 

To edge to a simple seven-second lead over Charles Leclerc by mid-race. 

In the meantime, the Ferrari star seemed to battle in spite of running in the main two spots reliably over the course of the evening, 

Saying at a certain point "The vehicle is so challenging to drive," prior to pitting for hard tires.

Downpour got during that time previously, logical relaxing the grasp as it washed away a portion of the elastic on the fresh out of the plastic new circuit. 

Climate, including the intensity, aside, various drivers grumbled about the track.

Mercedes had an upside-down end of the week that leaves everybody contemplating whether they have tracked down a potential fix for the porpoising.

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