US troops to deploy to Eastern Europe amid Ukraine crisis

President Joe Biden has formally approved the deployment of 3,000 US troops to Poland, Germany and Romania

in a move to bolster NATO countries in Eastern Europe with tens of thousands of Russian troops amassed along Ukraine's border.

The deployments to Eastern Europe, re a show of support to NATO allies feeling threatened by Russia's military moves near Ukraine and the threat of an invasion

Pentagon press secretary John Kirby said the deployments included roughly 2,000 troops that would deploy from the United States to Poland and Germany.

In addition, approximately 1,000 troops currently based in Germany were moving to Romania.

Kirby said the moves, which would happen in the coming days, were not permanent and emphasized, "These forces are not going to fight in Ukraine."

The move is the most significant sign to date that the US is preparing for the prospect of Russian President Vladimir Putin launching an invasion of Ukraine

Russia has shown no signs of de-escalating after several rounds of diplomatic talks with the US and NATO.

Biden signed off on the additional troops following a meeting on Tuesday morning at the White House with Defense Secretary and  Chairman Gen

"It's totally consistent with what I told Putin in the beginning," Biden said

As long as he's acting aggressively, we're going to make sure we reassure our NATO allies and Eastern Europe we're there and Article V is a sacred obligation."

At the same time the US was preparing to send troops to Europe, the White House said Wednesday

it was no longer describing a potential Russian invasion of Ukraine as "imminent," suggesting the word sent an unintended message.

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