In 'Under the Banner of Heaven,' the plot gets burdened with another mission

At the point when Detective Jeb Pyre (Andrew Garfield) ventures onto the crime location of the twofold...

Manslaughter case that will gobble him up and let him out as somebody potentially unrecognizable to himself. 

The ghastliness of the tableaux before him is passed on through his responses. 

We in all actuality do see the primary body, a youthful mother lying face down in her kitchen in a pool of blood. 

Fire braces himself before he enters the nursery. We fail to understand what he does, yet his reaction is sufficient. 

He dismisses, his eyes loaded up with tears. "Evil," he murmurs to himself.

Fire takes a couple of seconds to collect himself prior to leaving the previously comfortable home in the far-off Salt Lake City rural areas. 

Outside, a formally dressed official is much more stirred up. Requested to begin gathering proof.

He shies away: "I don't figure I can return in."

Under the Banner of Heaven (seven episodes) debuts Thursday...

With Episodes 1 and 2 on FX on Hulu. New episodes will stream week after week.

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