Twitter CEO tends to representatives stressed over Elon Musk's unfriendly takeover bid

Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal is attempting to mitigate worker fears.....

Right after Elon Musk sent off a threatening $43 billion takeover endeavor of the virtual entertainment organization.

At an all-staff meeting on Thursday, Agrawal said Twitter's board is thinking about Musk's proposition

It will act to the greatest advantage of organization investors, as per two representatives in participation.

Whenever a representative proposed that Musk's forceful securing bid felt like a prisoner circumstance, Agrawal excused the thought.

"I don't completely accept that we are being held prisoner," Agrawal shot back, as per the workers.

After the gathering, many were terrified, saying they feel like they were left in obscurity about what was truly happening 

That a Musk-possessed Twitter addresses, to approximately, a horrible situation, 

Given Musk's long history as an unpredictable business pioneer.

The way of life here and this stage should be safeguarded

I trust the Board does the valiant thing and declines the proposition,

The representative mentioned namelessness.

 "Our majority rule government is a higher priority than a payout," 

This worker said. "I trust the Board concurs."

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