Today's 'Wordle' Answer—How To Solve Saturday March 19 Word Puzzle

Puzzle game Wordle continues to be a worldwide hit but, as always, people may be struggling to guess today's answer.

The game in which users have to guess a five-letter word and are told if they have the correct letters by way of green and yellow grids

Has exploded in popularity in a relatively short amount of time.

In October 2021 the game created by Josh Wardle had only 90 users.

By January 2022, it had 300,000 daily users and now is reported to have 45 million unique users a month.

Speaking to Time after he sold the game to The New York Times for what is believed to be a seven-figure sum

Wardle explained that his intention when creating Wordle was never to make money.

"The goal was to make a game that my partner would enjoy playing," Wardle said.

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