UFC's Charles Oliveira loses the title when he neglects to make the weight

The UFC 274 headliner with Gaethje is still on 

As Oliveira turns into the primary UFC winner to lose his title on the scales

 Eight ounces cost Charles Oliveira 10.5 pounds of gold and possibly significantly more.

The lightweight incredible turned into the main UFC champion to lose his title on the scales Friday morning.

After three bombed endeavors to tip the scales at 155 pounds for his UFC 274 title battle on Saturday night at Footprint Center.

Oliveira's headliner with the highest level Justin Gaethje is still on, 

Yet Oliveira can't bring home the abandoned championship. Gaethje (23-3), 

The previous break lightweight boss, was the second warrior to show up, not long after 9 a.m. 

The highest-level competitor came in at 155 pounds on the button and is qualified to win the belt.

The UFC said in delivery that Oliveira, 32, will relinquish an undisclosed level of his handbag. 

Should the Brazilian star win Saturday night, he will end up being the No. 1 competitor for the empty title 

"Battle the following challenger for the undisputed title belt at a general setting still up in the air."

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