The Batman Is The Stylish, The Maximalist, and The Endless

Robert Pattinson’s Bruce Wayne looks at the many Batman movies that came before and taunts, “Mine is longer.”

The maximalist approach of Matt Reeves’ The Batman extends to its very title

This three-hour-long epic is a comic-book adaptation with the full menu of extras

right down to that plushy definite article padding out the name of the Caped Crusader.

Less an origin story than a coming-of-age tale, The Batman captures the title character only two years into his crimefighting career.

 As played by the smoldering English actor Robert Pattinson, Bruce Wayne is both younger and more vulnerable than the bat-dudes we’re accustomed to seeing.

He almost appears to use his pointy-eared face mask as protection from the world

is rarely seen unmasked even when at home

where his only confidante at the gloomy Wayne family mansion is his butler Alfred

When a highly placed Gotham City politician is murdered in his home by a mysterious assailant

Bruce works with police detective Jim Gordon (Jeffrey Wright) to decode the encrypted message the killer has left behind. 

This criminal mastermind, played with enjoyable scenery-chomping lunacy by Paul Dano

The Riddler’s obsession extends to proving that Bruce’s beloved father


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