Taylor, Give Us 1989 Already

Will the "Really quite Well" vocalist be re-delivering another famous collection this month?

Whenever I first heard 1989 by Taylor Swift, 

I was as yet a youngster and my reality felt like it was going to change for eternity. 

It's just been a long time since the collection's delivery but it seems like it occurred in another lifetime.

In those days, in 2014, Spotify wasn't exactly on my radar and Apple Music didn't actually exist. 

Besides, as a significant Swiftie, I wasn't going to simply pay the collection off iTunes 

I really wanted the 19-track select CD (highlighting additional tunes and voice updates.)

I hurried out of class on October 27 that year not telling anyone..... 

I was going directly to Target to get my duplicate. 

Hearing it play interestingly soon thereafter from my parent's sound system set something. 

I had known 100% of the time: Taylor Swift is a melodic virtuoso.