Riot Fest 2022 happens September 16-18 in Chicago's Douglas Park, 

The full arrangement has quite recently been reported. Two of the main events were at that point reported 

My Chemical Romance (who should feature back in 2020 and afterward again in 2021 yet deferred every one of their dates to 2022) 

The Original Misfits (Glenn Danzig included) performing Walk Among Us in full for its 40th commemoration. 

The third main event will be Nine Inch Nails, who were likewise expected to play in 2021 

Yet dropped various dates because of COVID concerns.

Notwithstanding those three, Riot Fest incorporates the first-reported gathering show for Sunny Day Real Estate.

(!), who - - as supposed - - are back for their first shows in quite a while. 

It likewise incorporates get-together sets from Yellowcard, The Academy Is, and Midtown.

'I think the current year's arrangement truly addresses what our identity is," says organizer Mike Petryshyn. 

"It's been a moment since we've gotten to arrange a setup like this. 

I'm particularly invigorated for what this is driving into: the stuff that is occurring in the following couple of weeks, and the years to come."

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