Heroes Turn Back the Clock In NBA Playoffs

Driven by Stephen Curry and the arising Jordan Poole, Golden State put on a legacy show in its Game 3 triumph versus the Nuggets.

You can pardon Steve Kerr on the off chance that he's inclined a touch of history repeating itself nowadays.

The Warriors got a 3-0 lead in its Round 1 matchup against the Nuggets on Thursday night, 

Possibly fixing the series with a 118-113 triumph. 

The success highlighted every one of the signs of the last 10 years of Golden State b-ball. 

Including six Klay Thompson threes, a splendid exhibition from Draymond Green, and, surprisingly, a hatchet dunk from Andre Iguodala. 

The more things change in the Bay, the more they appear to remain something similar.

"These folks have obtained a lifetime of experience already a couple of times," Kerr said postgame. 

"They're not flustered by this stuff."

We ought to require a moment to see the value in the thing we're seeing as the Warriors return to title competitor status. 

Kevin Durant presently plays on an alternate coast. 

Thompson didn't play a solitary NBA minute from June 2019 to Jan. 2022. 

Steph Curry missed 104 games throughout the course of recent years and, entering the 2021-22 season

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