Ashley Judd and her family maintained that the world should hear from them how Naomi Judd passed on.

The more youthful Judd showed up in a meeting with Diane Sawyer, which circulated on Thursday on "Great Morning America." 

She said her family had concurred that she share the reason for death of her mom.

"She utilized a weapon," Ashley Judd said. "A gun. So that is the snippet of data we are entirely awkward sharing."

She and her sister Wynonna Judd reported on April 30 that they had lost their mom "to the sickness of psychological instability." She was 76.

Ashley Judd said she and her family needed to reveal insight into dysfunctional behavior, making sense of that it 

"Means a lot to make the differentiation between the adored one and the sickness,"

Judd said the family hesitantly shared the reason for death before it became public in another manner. 

She additionally uncovered that she was the person who found her mom, who had been blunt about her fight with gloom after it worked out.

"I have both despondency and injury from finding her," said Judd, 

Who started the meeting by saying thanks to everybody for the help she and her family have gotten right after their sadness.