Milwaukee celebrates Fat Tuesday

Paczki and Fat Tuesday. Some things just go together.

Jeff Callen is the co-owner at National Bakery and Deli in Milwaukee. He says they’re expecting lots of people to get their paczki fix this Mardi Gras.

“We have enough [supplies] to finish our goal of 36,000 [paczki] in one day,” Callen said.

36,000. In one day. And that’s not including the pre-sales from Monday.

If you included the paczki pre-sales, “roughly, you know, 42,000 for the two days,” Callen said.

So what are the best selling paczki flavors on Fat Tuesday?

“Definitely I think the raspberry glaze is our best seller,” Callen said.

“However, we’re finding that the raisin glaze is picking up a little bit too.

But we still have a lot of customers who like the traditional prune.”

Callen says the bakers got to work making paczkis around 3:00 p.m. Monday, 

they won’t stop until the doors are closed on Fat Tuesday.

How long will you have to wait if you want to get one?

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