Mike Tyson seems to hit the fellow plane traveler

Previous heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson appears to have joined the positions of wild aircraft travelers.

"Sadly, Mr. Tyson had an episode on a trip with a forceful traveler who started pestering him and tossed a water bottle at him 

While he was in his seat," Joann Mignano, an agent for Tyson, said in a proclamation.

Video acquired by TMZ Sports was taken on a JetBlue plane in San Francisco, as per TMZ. 

It shows a man over and again hitting what seems, by all accounts, to be one more traveler in the seat behind him.

The video distributed by TMZ doesn't show the sum of the episode. 

A water bottle isn't noticeable in the recording posted by the power source.

The video of the blows goes on for around 10 seconds and highlights the sound of an individual who is by all accounts 

They attempt to stop what is happening, calling "hello Mike, Mike."

On Wednesday evening around 10 p.m. PT, cops "were dispatched to an actual fight locally available a plane situated at the Domestic Terminal 

Flight takes off fromthe San Francisco International Airport," as indicated by the San Francisco Police Department (SFPD).

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