City Tie Liverpool, the awareness of one point can be a lot

In the Premier League, four goals were added to the drama with the highest differences

The mathematical title for Pepa Guardiola and Manchester City did not change that.

In the middle of the second half

As the match in which the season was interrupted began to gain nerves and a pulsating pulscrescendo

As his UFC 273 match against the rocket-growing star Chimaev moved to the second round, Burns began to take control.

Liverpool's Trent Alexander-Arnold found himself waiting for a change of feet a few feet from Pep Guardiola, Manchester City's manager.

In these situations, rivalry conventions often dictate that two opponents must learn to ignore each other's presence. 

The manager offers instruction to someone who is standing in the opposite direction. 

The player will avoid his gaze so as not to confuse the betrayal. 

However, Guardiola has a small truck with conventions. 

When the match ended on Sunday due to injury, he approached Alexander-Arnold, put his arm around his shoulders, 

Began with what can only be described as an interview. 

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