A Convincing Win That Was Anything But Convincing..

Manchester City had its lead over Real Madrid — kind of. In the game's consequence.

It was difficult to shake the feeling that things had gone in a different way.

First thing Wednesday morning, Pep Guardiola's staff will convey to the Manchester City supervisor 

A fastidiously clarified report of his group's Champions League elimination round against Real Madrid. 

At a generally similar time, Carlo Ancelotti, his partner in the Spanish capital, will get something basically the same.

Those dossiers will contain brief grabs of video, each featuring some vital strategic detail. 

There will be photographs, as well, offering a depiction of a hardly recognizable defect in a player's situating.

A spread of the field left uncovered or a dashing run left unconsummated. 

There will, maybe, be goliath bolts in some startling shade. There will surely be reams of measurements.

Guardiola and Ancelotti will settle down and sift through them.

Searching for the gold crease of shrewdness they could find.

Mining profound into the detail in the expectation of discovering some portion 

Some knowledge that could demonstrate the distinction when they play again one week from now. 

Also, as they make it happen, they will be aware.

Where it counts, that it is all totally, generally, unavoidably trivial.

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