Julia Roberts gets back to TV in Starz's Watergate-time series 'Gaslit'

Julia Roberts says she was so joyful at seeing Sean Penn...

For showing up on the arrangement of their TV series "Gaslit," she almost caused a closet breakdown.

"He came in full hair, cosmetics, and outfit, and I was so energized I raced to embrace him 

I was running with such speed that between my body cushion and his body cushion, 

I only sort of skipped off of him, I can hardly imagine how his head didn't fall off separated from his ensemble," said Roberts. 

"We were giggling so hard."Penn plays John Mitchell, the previous principal legal officer under Richard Nixon. 

An ordinary on television shows who might snoop on her better half's telephone discussions 

And tip-off journalists with tattle about Washington's first class. 

Her free lips were seen as such an issue that her better half arranged security to keep her in lodging for 24 hours 

After the Watergate inn break-in. Mitchell guaranteed they eliminated the telephones and TV 

She was attacked and infused with a sedative to hold her back from attempting to leave. 

The experience was so damaging it prompted her possible breakdown and the finish of the couple's marriage.

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