Johnny Depp in court says he has never struck any lady in his life

Actor  Johnny Depp burned through no time in the wake of standing up in court on Tuesday,

He Said that "never did I myself arrive at the reason behind striking Ms. Heard in any capacity, 

Nor have I at any point struck any lady in my life."

Depp is suing the Amber Heard for more than $50 million

Depp is suing the Amber Heard for more than $50 million

He's saying her cases of homegrown maltreatment have hurt his profession and notoriety.

Heard, 35, has documented a countersuit against Depp, 58, looking for $100 million in harm 

Along with his lawful group erroneously blamed her for creating claims against Depp.

Depp on Tuesday said Heard's "false" allegations that she had been a casualty of homegrown maltreatment....

"Penetrated the business," in the end becoming worldwide news and as a rule has been acknowledged as truth.

"I'm fixated on reality so today is the first open door...

That I've had the option to talk about this case in full interestingly

" Depp told the court. "I felt an obligation of clearing the record."

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