Who is Pradeep Mehra? 

Here’s the reason behind his Mid Night sprint in Noida! People call him ‘Pure Gold’

We have heard about overnight internet sensation, but 19-year-old Pradeep Mehra’s purposeful midnight sprinting made him an internet celebrity within hours.

The video of his polite decline of an offer for a ride, while sprinting alone down a silent Noida road at midnight

has racked up lakhs of views within hours of being posted on social media on Sunday evening.

Filmmaker and author Vinod Kapri on posted the video of Mehra

whom he found running along a silent road at midnight.

we could see Kapri offering a lift to the young man in his car.

However, in a perplexing move, the runner, drenched in sweat, repeatedly turns down the filmmaker’s offer.

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