Hornets v. Hawks of prey Play-In Preview

The Charlotte Hornets travel to Atlanta to meet with the Hawks in the play-in competition Wednesday night.

The NBA is subsiding into the postseason as the end of the season games are set to start one week from now.

Before the season finisher series starts.....

The association's recently added play-in competition is happening with the last a few games wrapping up this week.

Charlotte Hornets (43-39)

The Charlotte Hornets are a youthful vigorous group that has been energizing to look for the ordinary season. 

The Hornets' last success paving the way to the play-in competition was against the Washington Wizards 124-108. 

The Hornets have won their last 11 of 15 games. 

This will be the second year straight the Hornets have partaken in the play-in competition searching for a season finisher spot. 

The Atlanta Hawks (43-39)

The Atlanta Hawks are among the few groups that are attempting to get a spot in the end-of-the-season games. 

The Hawks are in great blessings being that they are facilitating the Hornets in the State Farm Arena Wednesday.

Preceding this coordination the Hawks beat the Houston Rockets 130-114. Winning the last 12 of their 17 games. 

Finishing the normal season with a 43-39 general record.

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