Fred Ward, star of 'Quakes' and 'The Right Stuff,' kicks the bucket at 79

The adaptable entertainer and Air Force veteran played remarkable parts in "Easy routes" and HBO's "Actual Detective."

Ward was 79 when he died on Sunday. The reason for his demise was not quickly uncovered.

The San Diego local and Air Force veteran had stretches as a short-request cook.

Fighter and Alaskan logger prior to tracking down his actual calling as an entertainer during the 1970s.

Ward's supervisor Ron Hoffman said in an articulation.

His most memorable significant job was in Clint Eastwood's 1979 escape exemplary "Break from Alcatraz," 

Yet Ward's vocation took off because of his work in the 1983 space race epic "The Right Stuff," 

Presenting Tom Wolfe's verifiable blockbuster to the big screen.

Ward played Gus Grissom, one of the seven spearheading space travelers who sent off America into the space age.