Coachella 2022: CL and GOT7's Jackson next K-pop icons to perform?

 Fans say they 'really won'

We likewise have Epik High going to similar to the principal Korean demonstration to perform not once but two times at Coachella

With K-pop assuming control over the globe, it is nothing unexpected that an ever-increasing number of enterprises 

Brands need to rope in well-known icons to take advantage of the K-pop industry. 

Also, one of the most anticipated occasions in the USA is doing likewise. 

Coachella, which happens in Indo Valley in California isn't simply a live performance any longer. 

It has turned into the center where famous people of all fields accumulate and party while making new forms.

Excellent patterns while brandishing their best celebration outfits.

Bits of gossip have started coursing that Rihanna and the rapper have separated.

After the young lady bunch, Blackpink made their introduction at Coachella 2019, 2020 

It was set to be similarly ritzy as we should get their previous and current labelmates - Epik High, BIGBANG, and CL 

Which tragically got dropped because of the overall lockdown. 

Be that as it may, 2022 is more than compensating for it. 

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