Chris Rock's Mother Comments On The Oscar Slap: "I Feel Really Bad That He (Smith) Never Apologized"

Smith was nominated for best actorfor his Acting in the Film King Richard.

At the point when Rock made that big appearance and made a joke referring to G.I. Jane.....

With respect to Smith's significant other Jada Pinket Smith, the actor made that big appearance and slapped the humorist. 

It was uncovered later that Pinket-Smith was determined to have alopecia.

"You responded to your significant other giving you the side-eye, and you proceeded to fill her heart with joy 

Since she was considered chuckling when it worked out," 

Rose, who is an inspirational orator, told WIS' Billie Jean Shaw.

Rose adds that she at first thought the slap was a drama...

Yet when she heard Will Smith shouting the F word, she realized it was genuine.

"At the point when he slapped Chris, he slapped us all. He truly slapped me," Rose said. 

"Nobody even heard his discourse. 

Nobody had the option to simply be at the time since everybody was staying there like, 'What happened?" 

After the episode, she reached out to Chris Rock to beware of him and to appreciate him on his response.

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