10 Greatest and Popular Rainforests in the World

Amazon Rainforest 

It is the world's biggest tropical rainforest, otherwise called Amazonia or Amazon Jungle.

Congo Rainforest 

)The Congo rainforest is the second-biggest on the planet and covers an all-out area of 1,780,000 km².

Valdivian Temperate Rainforest 

The Valdivian calm rainforest spreads over an area of around 248,100 km² can be found on the west bank of southern South America in Chile and Argentina

Daintree Rainforest 

The Daintree tropical rainforest is found on the upper east shoreline of Queensland in Australia named after Richard Daintree.

Southeast Asian Rainforest 

The woodland is found in Asia, covering Indonesia, Laos, Cambodia, and the Malay Peninsula.

Tongass National Forest 

The Tongass public backwoods is the greatest public woods in the United States.

Kinabalu National Park 

Otherwise called Tama Kinabalu, it is found on the west shoreline of Sabah, Malaysian Borneo.

St Nick Elena Cloud Forest Reserve

This woods is in the Costa Rican hold found along Cordillera de Tilaran in Alajuela and Puntarenas regions.

Sinharaja Forest Reserve 

The Sinharaja timberland covers an absolute area of 8,864 square kilometers.

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