NASA’s asteroid mission could prevent future catastrophes: Chris Hadfield | CBC News

A NASA spacecraft is on its method to smash straight into an asteroid.

The check is supposed to find out whether or not it is doable to redirect an asteroid headed towards Earth.

It is a plot straight out of a Hollywood film. Former Worldwide Area Station commander Chris Hadfield instructed CBC Information Community’s Power & Politics the mission is value enterprise.

“If we are able to simply deflect an asteroid the tiniest bit, when it is hundreds of thousands of kilometres away, then it may miss the Earth,” he stated. 

NASA’s Double Asteroid Redirection Check, or DART, launched on Tuesday. The spacecraft is predicted to slam straight to the Dimorphos asteroid by September of subsequent yr. 

If the mission succeeds, Hadfield stated, the world will have a way to cease a doubtlessly catastrophic asteroid crash.

“We’ll have the ability to see, over time, how a lot did we transfer it in comparison with the place it might have been, versus the place it is going proper now,” he stated. 

“As soon as we have seen that, then now we have mainly recognized a method for us as residents of planet Earth to guard our planet for any threatening asteroid sooner or later.”

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