How to Convert a PDF to a Word Document. Quick and Easy Guide: 2022

Quickly and easily convert PDF files to Word documents with this step-by-step guide on how to convert a PDF to a Word document. We’ll tell you the exact steps and what software you’ll need, so read on to get started.

Convert PDF TO WORD File

3 Easy Steps to Convert a PDF to a Word Document

Converting your PDF document into Microsoft Word format is easy if you follow these three steps: 1. Open PDF file in Adobe Reader. 2. Select Save As from Reader’s File menu and save it as a Word file with DOC extension, for example, Docx 3. Select Microsoft Word as an application (using the drop-down menu) and convert the file. Congratulations! You can now edit your converted pdf in MS word using familiar formatting commands! Note that all text in PDF will be saved as RTF text which will allow you to edit it but may not look exactly like the original PDF.

If something goes wrong – do not worry! Here are some common problems and solutions: #1 Problem: Convert To Word command missing After trying to convert pdf to the word we may encounter an error message The command ‘Convert To Word’ could not be found. It means that your version of Adobe Reader does not have the built-in function of converting pdf files into Microsoft Word documents.

Upload your file

If you want to convert your PDF document into something you can edit in Microsoft Word, you’ll need to upload it onto a converter website like Zamzar. Once you have an account, log in and click Browse from within your file list. Select your PDF document and then choose Convert to Doc from the drop-down menu. You can also convert PDFs directly into other formats if you prefer—Zamzar has options for DOCX, ODT, HTML, TXT, RTF, and more. Now that you’ve converted your PDF to a Word doc, download it by clicking Download on its page. Then open up Word and start editing!

Click Convert File

After uploading your PDF file, you’ll be prompted with several options for how to convert your file. Choose Convert to Doc, then click OK. You will now be taken to a screen that will allow you to change more settings and complete your conversion. If you would like to change any of these settings, feel free to do so before clicking Next. Otherwise, click Finish. Once you have finished converting your PDF file into a Word document, it will automatically download onto your computer in whatever folder location you have chosen. Now that you know how easy it is to convert PDF files into word documents, please feel free to use our services again! We hope we were able to help!

Open Your Converted File in MS Word

Once you’ve successfully converted your PDF file into a Microsoft Word document, open it in MS Word and take a look. Depending on how clean and readable your PDF was, you may need to go through and clean up some formatting and remove any images that are embedded within. With so many free tools available, there’s no reason not to convert your PDF files into Microsoft documents as often as needed. You can even use these same tools to create an online PDF-to-Word converter for other people to use. It’s simple enough—just find a service like PDF2Word Online, which converts PDF files into editable Word documents without requiring users to download or install any software.

Online websites which allows you to convert your file online are as follows:
PDF to Word Converter

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