Google Search will soon let you book checkups and other medical appointments

Google will let you book appointments through Search.


Google announced Thursday it’s rolling out a new feature in search that allows people to book health care appointments.

Users looking to book a check-up or a same-day visit can use Google Search to see the availability of select health care providers in their area. Google is partnering with MinuteClinic at CVS to start.

So, for example, you might search for a MinuteClinic near where you live, and Google will return results showing the types of appointments you can schedule. In the screenshot above, Google shows you’ll be able to schedule a visit for a check-up, vaccination, skin condition, or an injury/illness without having to leave Google search.

It may be helpful for people who don’t have regular care providers or who aren’t able to visit their current doctor.

Google said the feature is still in the early stages of rolling out. It said hopes to expand partners and functionality of the feature to make it easier for users to access the care they need.

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