Exclusive! Ranbir Kapoor to marry Alia Bhatt: New date decided for the wedding – Times of India

This is probably the nth time that you are hearing when Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt are going to tie the nuptial knot. Anyway, the most recent development on it is that it is not December 2022 as reported by a section of the media sometime back, but October 2022.

Earlier it was supposed to be last year. Then, it was supposed to be April this year. But surely, it’s not April 2022 which is just 20 days away.

As of now, the latest decision by the Kapoors and Bhatts is that the marriage will happen in October this year.

A source says, “One really does not know why the dates are going back and forth when it comes to Alia and Ranbir getting married. As for the renovation of Krishna Raj in Mumbai’s Pali Hill – their abode – it is far from ready; it might take at least 18 months more from today for it to be ready in all respects for one to move in and settle down.”

Gabbar Singh said in ‘Sholay’: Kab hai Holi, kab? Bet you are still saying for this Bhatt girl and the Kapoor boy: “Kab hai shaadi, kab?”

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