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Samsung is all set to revolutionize the air-conditioning market with the breakthrough WindFree
TM cooling technology. Most of us have experienced the discomfort of direct cold wind from our air-conditioners and the best one can do is to alternate between turning the AC off and on to feel comfortable.

Samsung addresses this pain point of consumers with its patented
WindFreeTM technology which uses the power of 23,000 micro holes to disperse air and cool it evenly.

Amping up the glamour quotient of the powerful and gentle WindFree
TM air-conditioner is the stunning Disha Patani.


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In this new musical, Disha Patani owns her space in a slick pop get-up. From building a card castle to enjoying some me-time, she is living the cool life in a comfortable environment created by the WindFree

The visual device of an igloo transition, each time the WindFree
TM mode turns on, has been used interestingly to communicate the benefit of this technology. This is because inside an igloo, a home built of snow, one does not feel any chilly draft or direct wind and at the same time it offers protection against drastic temperature drops retaining a comfy vibe. Similarly, with WindFree
TM cooling, one can now enjoy powerful and gentle cooling without feeling any discomfort.

When the WindFree
TM Mode is switched on, the blade closes and cool air is dispersed through 23,000 micro holes* @0.15m/s so that every corner of the room receives even cooling. It creates a still air environment and no matter where you sit, you can enjoy the comfort of a chilled room without feeling the shivers from the harsh, chilly draft.

WindFreeTM AC comes with a 31% wider blade, 18% wider inlet and 15% bigger fan for increased airflow. This results in powerful cooling with 15m Air throw and 43% faster cooling** than a regular AC. This AC also works much more smoothly and quietly as its stable operation produces less vibration and noise. So after a long day, you can relax with ease and less noise too (21 db)***.

Another unique feature is the FREEZE WASH which requires minimum effort to clean your AC. It’s a DIY cleaning mechanism with a simple 3-step cleaning process.

To know more about this revolutionary air-conditioner, check out the Samsung WindFree
TM website

*The number of micro holes may vary based on the capacity of each model.

** Tested on the AR12BY5ACWK model, compared with the Samsung conventional model AR12BY5ACWK.

*** Tested on AR12BY4APWK model.

Disclaimer: This article has been produced on behalf of Samsung by Times Internet’s Spotlight team.

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