Conservatives say membership data is safe after reports of an alleged hack | CBC News

The Conservative Party of Canada (CPC) says it’s confident data about its members has not been compromised following reports of an alleged breach.

A spokesperson for Jean Charest’s leadership campaign said Wednesday it was informed that several people received emails from the camp suggesting they had made donations, when in fact they had not.

Michelle Coates Mather said the campaign determined someone had used their website to make false pledges using IP addresses from Ukraine.

The CPC said Thursday that it will investigate the incident to determine if party data was misued.

“The Conservative Party of Canada and the Leadership Election Organizing Committee (LEOC) take this matter very seriously. We are confident that our internal membership data has not been compromised,” said the email from CPC executive director Wayne Benson.

The incident was publicized on Twitter by a Conservative strategist and campaigner, who shared their experience and warned members that data had been stolen.

Coates Mather called what happened “an obvious attempt to create chaos” that would not be tolerated.

She said the campaign notified those who were affected and also told the party’s leadership election organizing committee.

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