Anupam Kher gives a cryptic response to Kapil Sharma thanking him for putting an end to ‘false allegations’; writes, ‘I wish you had posted the full video and not the half truth’ – Times of India ►


On March 14 night, Kapil Sharma shared a video thanking veteran actor Anupam Kher for giving a clarification on the ongoing controversy surrounding The Kashmir Files and The Kapil Sharma Show in a talk show. A few hours later now, the actor has responded to Kapil’s Tweet with a cryptic reply.

Anupam Kher gave a cryptic reply to Kapil Sharma’s tweet wherein the comedian had thanked him for putting an end to the ‘false allegations’ with his statement.

Replying to which, Anupam Kher wrote how it would have been better had the comedian posted the full video that showed the entire truth. His tweet read, “Dear @KapilSharmaK9! I wish you had posted the full video and not the half truth. The entire world is celebrating, you also celebrate tonight. Love and prayers always!

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It looks like Anupam Kher is quite upset with how Kapil Sharma’s tweet moulded the half-truth as the ultimate reality and averted the essence of the whole conversation on the controversy. In line fo the actor’s tweet, a Twitter user shared the full uncut video of Anupam Kher and director Vivek Agnihotri’s discussion of the controversy.

In the video, Vivek Agnihotri calls ‘Kashmir’ the superstar of his film. Meanwhile, Anupam shares about refusing to make an appearance on the show. However, he further adds that his refusal wasn’t the reason behind The Kapil Sharma Show not promoting The Kashmir Files.

Further, Vivek divulges that the reason that he was given by the producers was different and is well known to people now. In continuation to this, Anupam Kher adds that Kapil surely doesn’t have any ‘malice’ towards him or anyone from the film. He also speaks about how big a star he is by talking about his work over the years.

For the unversed, this controversy sparked when Vivek Agnihotri’s response tweet to a fan asking him about why he didn’t promote his film on TKSS garnered attention. In his tweet, the director had mentioned that they weren’t invited because the film doesn’t have a commercial starcast.

Later, an internet user questioned Kapil Sharma on the same. Reacting to which, the comedian had said, “यह सच नहीं है rathore साहब
(This isn’t the truth) आपने पूछा इसलिए बता दिया, बाक़ी जिन्होंने सच मान ही लिया उनको explanation देने का क्या फ़ायदा (You cared to ask, therefore, I replied. It’s pointless to give an explanation to those, who have already considered this to be the truth). Just a suggestion as a experienced social media user:- never believe in one sided story in today’s social media world

‘Boycott Kapil Sharma’ has been trending on Twitter ever since this controversy sparked. Moreover, it got aggravated when Vivek Agnihotri and the team of his film met PM Narendra Modi recently.


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